Conquering the Inner Enemies of Our Soul

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When we think of enemies, we tend to gravitate towards the physical enemies that stand out in society; murderers, rapists, terrorists, evil leaders; but enemies go deeper into the realm of our hearts where fear, control and doubts can rule … Continued

When We Are Vulnerable to Attack

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When we are vulnerable to attack, we can sink into our tendency weaknesses or we can stand firm and fight back with God’s strength and guidance. In a recent sermon, Pastor Tim McConnell from First Presbyterian Church made the statement, … Continued

Forgetfulness, the Invisible and Intention

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Intention is a must to ward off spiritual forgetfulness. Forgetfulness is a natural tendency of us all. With our five senses bringing in new data every day and the scope of our responsibilities, it is easy to forget the invisible. … Continued

Facing the Storms In Life that Are Going to Come

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Storms in life are inevitable but how we get through them can vary. I think we tend to have unrealistic expectations when it comes to having the deep, intimate connection with God each day. I pondered this thought after having … Continued

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