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The word declare has been coming up in my thoughts as I’ve read scripture a lot lately. So, I took some time to do a word study on this word declare. The words in God’s Word are translated from Hebrew and Greek to English. Sometimes the full meaning is lost in the translation. I have found that looking up a word in scripture to discover the totality of the meaning behind it has been so helpful in understanding more the depth of each word.

Declare is listed in the scriptures 95 times in The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. In these verses, about 25 of the words “declare” are translated differently in either the Hebrew or Greek language. I decided to focus on the meaning of “declare” in the scriptures to those that translated it from the Hebrew word câphar

A Look in God’s Word

Here is a list of those scriptures that use the word câphar:

  • 1 Chronicles 16:24
  • Job 12: 8
  • Job 15:17
  • Job 28:27
  • Psalm 2:7
  • Psalm 19:1
  • Psalm 22:22
  • Psalm 50:16
  • Psalm 66:16
  • Psalm 73:28
  • Psalm 75:1
  • Psalm 78:6
  • Psalm 96:3
  • Psalm 102:21
  • Psalm 107:22
  • Psalm 118:17
  • Psalm 145:6
  • Isaiah 43:26
  • Jeremiah 51:10
  • Ezekiel 12:16

Caphar which is pronounced saw-far means to score with a mark as a tally or record, ie. (by implication) to inscribe, and also to enumerate; to recount, ie. celebrate:–commune, account, number, + penknife, reckon, scribe, shew forth, speak, talk tell (out), writer. I take what amounts to synonyms for declare and use these words in place of declare in the verses. For example in 1 Chronicles 16:24 (Declare), enumerate, recount, celebrate, tell (out) his glory among the nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples. I am especially fond of “to enumerate” which means to mention a number of things one by one and “to celebrate” which means acknowledging a significant event.

In doing this with each of the verses, you will come to a greater understanding of what declare or “tell” which is often another word that is translated from câphar is.  The Psalms are full of declaring, telling, recounting and celebrating who God is and what God has done. Being a preschool teacher as my primary source of income and because I love to teach children, I was inspired by Psalm 100:1-5 to put these words into a familiar tune because music is a powerful tool God has given us to help us inscribe these declarations on our heart and spew them forth in our words and songs.

declare, recount, celebrate

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