Playing the Receiver in the Football Game of Life with God

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As believers and Christ-followers, we are playing the receiver in the football game of life with God. Jesus is the perfect quarter back who never misses a snap or fumbles the ball. He easily maneuvers with the enemy trying to deflect the ball or hit it from His hands. His target is always right on; directed exactly to where he wants it.

Playing Receiver
Our Quarterback, Jesus

We are the receiver who needs to be in formation and ready to receive the ball. We can run down the field and find we’ve run too far. Maybe we are running from God and don’t even realize it? Other times, we run and turn only to find we didn’t run far enough. Maybe our listening to the Quarterbacks call was selective listening? or distracted listening? Then there are those instances when the enemy is running along side us ready to pounce; trying to keep us from receiving the ball. We can become so distracted by the enemy that we lose sight of our purpose. Receive the ball and run it into the end zone and get the touch down.

Playing Receiver
Are Your Running from God or to God?

Sometimes we receive the ball and find ourselves pushed out of bounds. Maybe that’s when you’ve received God’s goodness but allowed discouragement to push you across the line? Or maybe the enemy was in your face trying to steer you out of bounds and instead of focusing on God, the coach down at the end zone cheering you on, you got angry and sought to push back?

Perhaps you were a little bit off your mark and the ball fumbles through your hands. You are trying everything to hold onto it but the Perfect All-Knowing Quarterback, Jesus, threw it just where it needed to be. Maybe those are the trials God sends our way to help us grow and get our head back in the game with Him?

Playing Receiver
Trials bring us down but not out!

On the Bench during the Football Game of LIfe with God

And then there are the seasons where we find ourselves sitting on the bench. We can look to the Coach and the Quarterback to learn how to take the right path on the field of life or we can sit downcast with our eyes at our feet wallowing in our own self-pity of defeat. Maybe we are looking at the other offensive team players playing on the field trying to find our own answers to why things went so wrong.

Training to be a Receiver in the Football Game of Life with God

Being a good receiver takes study of the playbook of God’s Word. It also takes the right end-goal attitude; one that will stand firm against the attacks of the enemy. We need a full-blown commitment to being on God’s team. It takes a deepening understanding of our own Quarterback and Our Coach. God wants the receiver to do his homework and consult with the Quarterback and the Coach. And it takes practice and time to learn how to stay on the path of obedience and how to truly be open and ready for all that the Lord throws at us.

We are on a team in the Body of Christ and so we as a team can come together and help each other do our part in the game of life with God. Need guidance in your training? I am here as God’s representative to help you get off the bench and learn how to be in the game.

Playing Receiver
God’s Football Team: The Body of Christ
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