Being on Autopilot Will Lead You Into Dangerous Territory

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Being on autopilot in our life is an aspect that we all use to hide from the Lord. If we aren’t intentionally driving forward with the Holy Spirit’s strength and guidance, we will veer off the road. And we know that going off the right road can lead us into dangerous territory.

My daughter has gone through the process of learning how to drive for the past year and just last week got her driver’s license. I was reminded of how she learned the lesson of not being on autopilot. On one of our driving trips, she began to make the mistake of turning not into the correct lane. She was heading beyond the median and toward the lane on the opposite side of the road. She quickly was able to catch onto her error and correct it. This gave mom a good teaching point to discuss.

In driving on the road, we cannot drive on autopilot. It doesn’t matter how comfortable we get in our driving or what is currently going on in our life. The most important aspect of driving a car is being intentionally focused on driving safely. Without intention and focus on what we should do and should not do, we allow ourselves to go on autopilot. Our hands and feet can’t see the road. They will just go by muscle memory. But what if a pedestrian shows up crossing the road you have crossed a hundred times before without a pedestrian in sight? Only intention and focus on what you are doing can give you the reflexes you will need to avoid danger and keep the pedestrian safe and yourself from danger. Being on autopilot is essentially neglect.

on autopilot
Driving on autopilot is dangerous.

Driving and Life Can’t Be Done on Autopilot

All of us are guilty of this aspect of getting into our own heads and not really paying complete attention to what we are doing as we drive. Some temperaments will be more prone to this. The problem is we’ve gone on autopilot. We are neglecting the safety of ourselves and others because we are wrapped up in self.  Biblically speaking this is driving blind. If we aren’t paying attention and giving God our intention and commitment, than we are blindly driving in the wilderness of our own soul. We are allowing the thinking in our minds to go away from our focus on God into self-pity mode, worry thinking, angry vengeful thoughts and more. If we allow our minds to take us down those roads, it leads us to feeling sorry for ourselves, wallowing in worry about everything, fuming with anger and delving into other sinful thoughts and feelings. And if we don’t get ourselves back into focus with God, we will find ourselves acting out our depressive thoughts and feelings, allowing our worry to seep into our actions and doing stuff with our anger that is not pleasing to God. We have veered off the right road.

Thankfully, God is so merciful. His mercies are new every morning and His love for us goes beyond our failure at staying on the right road with Him. He just wants us to learn from our trip off the right road and get back on it with Him. If you’re driving on autopilot all too often, you will find yourself and others in very real danger for your soul. A trusted friend, pastor or pastoral counselor can be the tool God uses to help you get back on the right road with Him. Don’t delay and neglect your relationship with God.  He is the only protector and co-pilot that can navigate us safely throughout our life.

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