Thanksgiving Brings the Right Perspective

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Thanksgiving is not just a holiday to sit around and eat turkey and pie. Thanksgiving is an attitude of the heart that can bring in the right perspective. It helps you to see beyond yourself and your trials and issues in life. You start to see the bigger picture. Moving beyond seeing your problems up close. Stepping back and seeing the reality of it all. Things could always be so much more worse.

So, the Lord helped me to see this easy pattern to use to get the ball rolling on giving thanksgiving. Starting with one thing leads to another and soon a domino effect of thanksgiving and praise makes you see things you were forgetting or not seeing. I was reading Psalm 136 and saw how the psalmist had a pattern going throughout this psalm. He starts outright thanking God for who he is. Then begins a process of sharing the thanksgiving for what God has done. In between each thanksgiving, he affirms the love of God.


Psalm 136 Thanksgiving Pattern

Here’s a few verses to get you started to show you this pattern:

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.

His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the God of gods.

His love endures forever.

Give thanks to the Lord of lords;

His love endures forever.

to him alone does great wonders.

His love endures forever.

who spread out the earth upon the waters.

His love endures forever.

Continue reading Psalm 136 here.

Creating Your Own Psalm of Thanksgiving

So, inspired with this pattern of thankfulness and affirmation of God’s love, I created my own personal thanksgiving psalm:

Give thanks to the Father, for he is good.

His love for me never ends.

Give thanks to the Son, for his is my savior.

His love goes beyond what I can imagine.

Give thanks to the Holy Spirit, for he is always with me.

His love comforts my sorrows.

to him who humbled me and helped me see.

His love never gives up on me.

who set me from my fears.

HIs love fills me up with peace.

who gave me my heart’s desire.

His love is evident in all things.

who moved me from fear to confidence.

His love brings courage and strength.

who shines the light on the hurts for healing.

His love never leaves me in my mess.

who helps me see my own sins.

His love wants what’s best for me.

who stands with me in the fire.

His love brings me through all things.

who brings me wisdom and understanding.

His love shines the light of truth.

Give thanks to my Lord and King.

His love holds me close, calling for me by name to hold on to him.

Hold on to him, I will.

Creating your very own thanksgiving psalm will help put everything in the right perspective. We are very much blessed if only we would see it. Please contact me and share your own psalm of thanksgiving and be part of a domino effect spreading the word that God is good and his love does endure forever.

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