An Offering Made By Fire, Not Your Own Fire

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Levitcus 3:5 says …as an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the Lord. There is more to the book of Leviticus than its reputation for redundancy and lists. God is setting up the Israelites with the specific offerings and what they all entail. This last part “as an offering made by fire, an aroma pleasing to the Lord” is one of those redundant aspects. However, speaking things again and again is meant to show that it has value and is worth taking note of.

Made by Fire
We are made by fire.

An offering is not just something a person brings to the Lord. The lamb, the flour with oil, the first fruits of the harvest; whatever it is, isn’t an offering until it is put on top of the flames of fire on the altar. What we bring with our offerings is our willingness. It represents our will humbly wanting to be aligned with God.

The fire is the Holy Spirit within us that takes that willingness and works it into the good fruit we bear. The smell of freshly cut fruit rises upward. The fruit is an aroma pleasing to the Lord.

Temperaments and Strong Will

For certain temperaments, this area of the will can be a huge road block that is keeping them from gaining that level of intimacy with the Lord that will only come when you willingly go into the inner sanctuary of your soul. Offering ourselves to the Lord is an act of the will. It is an act of obedience for God has commanded us to worship only Him; to love Him with our whole heart, soul and mind. (Mark 12:30) How we refuse to obey comes in many forms but it all falls under the sin of pride.

Temperaments like the choleric in control want to be in control and not be control. Having someone do something for them is not an easy pill for them to swallow. They want to do things their way. Making an offering made by fire takes a humbled choleric. And make no mistake, God does do the humbling.

Made by Fire

It is an unwillingness to accept God’s sovereign will for our lives. I know this because I have lived this. I wanted to be in control, drive the ship, take the reins of my life. Telling God, “I don’t like your plan,” “I like mine better.” was a barrier to my intimacy with God that was only overcome by God’s sovereign hand reaching down and putting me into circumstances that I could not control.

Taking down that barrier was hard but it was God’s way of not leaving me in my mess. He loves us too much for that. He wants us to be all that he designed us to be. Loving God, worshiping Him and giving to him of ourselves is the ultimate offering. It’s an offering that God takes and is made by fire, his fire. Does your blood boil when someone tries to control you? Christian temperament counseling might be the help you need to put out the fire of anger and allow the fire of the Holy Spirit to do His work.

We trust in Him with our lives and the good fruit will be washed, sliced and smelling good, an aroma pleasing to the Lord.


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