What Rejection Anger Automatically Does

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The first source of anger I want to share is regarding rejection. We saw how God was rejected and how he showed us the way to respond with our anger in yesterday’s post. For those who are Melancholy in the Inclusion area, which is the area in our temperament that is about our social needs and tendencies and how our mind works, they have a tendency to sink into having a low self-esteem because of a fear of rejection. When they are rejected, it just affirms to them their worth is nothing. This person when they sink further and further into this will also fall into the tendency to want to take vengeance. Now, that word tends to illicit in our minds some awful form of vengeance like murder but vengeance is much broader in scope and can encompass something that seems less sinister like a husband who gets back at his wife by not doing a chore when she wanted it done because she rejected his thoughts on where they should go for dinner. The drive to take vengeance is a knee-jerk response based on the natural sinful nature within us. It is a way to get back at the source of our pain, for making us feel even worse about ourselves and our worth; our significance.
We have to first understand that most of these things we do are an automatic response based on what our beliefs, attitudes and viewpoints in our character are telling us. When a person becomes aware that they have this tendency, it is now in the awareness area of their conscious and with that and leaning on God and the power of grace within us, they can rise above these tendencies. The truth of what God says will always bring healing if you are open to it and allow it in. This is the wonderful value of using temperament therapy in Christian counseling because we can get to the root of issues and bring them out into the awareness area of our minds and from there be able to form the battle plan. It is a battle within us between our sinful nature and our new nature, our re-born spirit, but there is hope in overcoming these tendencies and living and walking in the Spirit. His name is Jesus.

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