• Pastoral Counseling
    Counseling with the Word of God, using your unique temperament.
  • Seek and Discover Why You Do What You Do
    Our temperament needs influence us.
  • Learn How to Balance Spirit, Soul and Body
    Each part of us has needs that must be met.


I am so glad you’re here. My name is Janine Robertson and I am here in Colorado Springs to be the tool in God’s hands to help you on your journey in life. God can help you through me.
Is depression or anxiety robbing you of the abundant life God wants to give you? Are you struggling with who you are and your purpose? Whatever your need, there is a hope that can heal and change you from the inside out. It begins in our heart and soul where are temperament lies.

My goal as a Pastoral Counselor is to help you get to the root causes of the issues you are struggling with utilizing temperament therapy. Temperament is the unique seed of who God created in you. It is a seed that has been shaped by this world that needs to be planted by the living water of Jesus Christ.

My goal is to help clients connect with God who is their source of power. Through him we can become all he designed us to be and live the abundant life. We can learn to rely on him to help us overcome our temperament tendencies. He can be the source of fulfillment for all our needs. Jesus can help balance our total being, body, soul and spirit.

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